I got this one type of honey just a couple weeks ago. Its from the kelulut @ trigona bees, the sting-less bees.


Madu kelulut, the taste is not like the other honey.. its not as sweet, it more earthly sweet flavor. Sometimes it can taste like some wood. I think because of the nest, its unlike the normal honey bee, sitting up high in the tree, it more near to the group, like in tree stump.

Tentang khasiatnya, berbanding dengan madu biasa, actually i’m not very clear about it… sedikit sangat artikel pasal madu kelulut ni. More the general benefit, like increase in metabolisme, tenaga batin, lowering glucose level, cancer prevention and gout. Typically to cure chronic disease. I tried searched it, and found a couple of article at Utusan Malaysia website. 

Actually before this, I don’t know about this madu, or ever heard about this before. I got it from my friends at work, he said his old man searched it himself. When it comes to buying honey, i don’t really like to buy from just anyone,  kot2, ada tambah gula ke ape.

Anyhow, general speaking, for its nutritional value and benefit, its said far better than the normal honey. No wonder it much more expensive.

And i noticed that quite a lot of people out there searching for this honey. If you really want one, i can send the message to my friend.

Usually i take the honey mixed with apple cider vinegar. Haven’t tried with this honey yet.